Making Swedish cinnamon buns

Making Swedish cinnamon buns

Hello, there!  Welcome to my kitchen - which also serves as my photography studio, craft room, and office. Come on in and make yourself comfortable. I’ll start some fresh coffee while we catch up.

I'm Kate - photographer, stylist, recipe curator, lover of seasons, and into everything about creative living.

I’m always looking for ways to slow down more, simplify, and enjoy life.  For me this means baking seasonally-inspired treats, creating meaningful holidays, and capturing it all with my camera.  And I’ll gladly share everything I learn with you.   

Whether you want to learn to create the photos that bring your vision to life, need a great recipe, or you’re just looking for a little creative inspiration, I’m here for you.

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My Story

I get up everyday because of hot, fresh coffee and the excitement of endless creative possibilities. I am forever seeking ways to simplify, slow down, and create a fulfilling life through my photography and styling practice, spending as much time in the kitchen creating new recipes and perfecting old favorites as I can, dabbling in the garden, and getting a little crafty. I aim to live as creatively as possible, in a thoughtful and intentional way.

My photography and creative projects are always inspired by the countryside and a simpler way of life.  I really believe I could live happily in the 1700’s, in a small cottage with a stone hearth - but with internet access, Amazon Prime, and hot running water.  Obviously. 

I believe in following your heart and creating what moves you. 

I think that anyone can learn to style and create the kinds of emotive photos that tell the stories of their hearts - with a little bit of knowledge, a little bit of encouragement, and a lot of perseverance.  I didn't start out being good at photography - no one does.  But through years of practice and learning, I've learned to create the photos that make my heart sing and tell my story, and I can teach  you that, too.   

That's me, with my beloved camera - my Canon 5D Mark III - and my favorite old sweatshirt.

That's me, with my beloved camera - my Canon 5D Mark III - and my favorite old sweatshirt.

Baking is a true joy for me and I believe that the only real secret to being a good home baker is starting with a good recipe. Having a well-curated selection of excellent recipes is what sets great home bakers apart, and I will gladly share mine with you.  

I've been baking and crafting for as long as I can remember.  I made my first cake when I was four, under my mother's watchful, but never intrusive, eye.  I was a crafter at heart, even when crafting was really lame.  Maybe it's still lame, but I'm old enough now not to care.  

I love celebrating holidays in a gentle and meaningful way.

I like to slow down the holidays as much as I can and take time to just enjoy them. I like to keep decorating simple, use natural materials when I can, and keep “hustle and bustle” out of my holiday celebrations as much as possible.

I believe in appreciating and living in harmony with the seasons. 

Photography has helped me to become more observant and given me an appreciation for nature and life’s natural rhythms that I didn't have before.    Fall is by far my favorite season, but each time of year has it's own unique characteristics that I like to embrace and celebrate.  

I get to call the great state of Maine home.

It's where I grew up and where I now live, after living just outside of Boston for almost 20 years, with my husband, our two kids, and our two dogs.  We live in a rural area outside of Bangor, in the wonderful little town of Winterport, where we are happily building our country life in the frozen north.      

You can connect with me anytime - I can be found on Instagram, Pinterest, and by email: - and I would love to hear from you. Drop me a line anytime with any thoughts, questions, suggestions, or just to say hello.


Need some inspiration? For recipe ideas, photography advice, and creative living inspiration delivered straight to your inbox, plus access to my FREE resource library - sign up right here. Thank you! I’m looking forward to connecting with you soon.

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