Making Swedish cinnamon buns

Making Swedish cinnamon buns

Hello, there!  I'm Kate, the photographer, stylist, baker, and lover of all things seasonal and creative living.    

I believe in sharing everything that I've learned about photography and creative living so that you can create the photos your heart longs to create and live the creative life you dream about.  

Whether you yearn to create the photos that tell your story, crave a quiet moment with a hot cup of coffee, want the perfect recipe to bring to brunch, or just need a little creative inspiration, I've got you.  

I believe in following your heart and creating what moves you. 

I believe that anyone can learn to style and create the kinds of emotive photos that tell the stories of their hearts - with a little bit of knowledge, a little bit of encouragement, and a lot of perseverance.  I didn't start out being good at photography - no one does.  But through years of practice and learning, I've learned to create the photos that make my heart sing and I can teach  you that, too.   

  That's me, with my beloved camera - my Canon 5D Mark III - and my favorite old sweatshirt. 

That's me, with my beloved camera - my Canon 5D Mark III - and my favorite old sweatshirt. 

I believe in appreciating and living in harmony with the seasons. 

Photography has helped me to become more observant and given me an appreciation for nature and natural rhythms that I didn't have before.    Fall is by far my favorite season, but each time of year has it's own unique characteristics that I like to embrace and celebrate.  

My kitchen is my favorite place to be, as baking and crafting are second only to my love of photography.  I never get sick of looking at and trying new recipe ideas, but I believe that having a well-curated selection of excellent recipes is what sets great home bakers apart.  

These days my baking and creating is very much tied to the seasons.  I like to bake with the flavors of the season, and create little projects to celebrate the holidays. 

I've been baking and crafting for as long as I can remember.  I made my first cake when I was four, under my mother's watchful, but never intrusive, eye.  I was a crafter at heart, even when crafting was really lame.  Maybe it's still lame, but I'm old enough now not to care.  

I get to call the great state of Maine home.

It's where I grew up and where I now live, after being in suburban Massachusetts for almost 20 years, with my husband, our two kids, and our two dogs.  We live in a rural area outside of Bangor, in the wonderful little town of Winterport, where we are happily building our country life.   I'm learning to grow cut flowers but  I don't seem to have a green thumb.  And that's okay -  every failure is just a lesson learned for next year, right?    

You can connect with me anytime - I can be found on Instagram, Pinterest, and by email: - I would love to hear from you. 


I would be thrilled to have you join in my hashtags on Instagram - #thestilllifecollective   #alltheprettyautumn and #ataleofseasons


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